From: Benjamin Kalytta on
Hello friends,

I've a problem with the Visual Studio Dataset Designer. Concerning
Microsoft MSDN Library TableAdapterManager is not a part of the .NET
(Compact) Framework. This class is used for "Hierarchical Update" of Data.

"Hierarchical update is the process of updating modified data in related
data tables in a typed dataset by using the new TableAdapterManager."

The problem I have is, that the designer will not create this
TableAdapterManager class. It is even not possible to enable/disable
this "Hierarchical Update" as described in MSDN:

There is no such property in properties window.

Everything works fine if .NET Framework 3.5 is used instead of .NET
Compact Framework 3.5.

Is there any way to enable this feature in .NET Compact Framework 3.5?

Benjamin Kalytta