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Hello Everyone,

Zephyr has been a leader in comprehensive test management and now with
Zephyr v3.0, Zephyr is changing the landscape by introducing quality
intelligence to test management. We are pleased to inform you that
Zephyr has come out with its new and enhanced version Zephyr v3.0,
where quality intelligence meets comprehensive test management.

What's New in Zephyr v3.0?

* Custom reports generator: Zephyr's new custom report generator makes
it simple for every team to be able to run any report they need. The
new functionality builds on the existing out of the box functionality
which comes with more than 16 drill down reports and metrics.

* Extensive API’s: Zephyr's philosophy has always been to integrate
with existing infrastructure and not force teams to rip one tool out
to replace it with another. With the new extensive API's Zephyr
further extends the capability of its platform to support the myriad
needs of global software quality teams. The web services API's are
fully documented at

* Enhanced productivity levels/Search Technology: Zephyr's test
management solution promotes a new level of organization at the
release, project, department and global level. With the 3.0 release,
Zephyr debuts a new search technology that searches in the body of
fields, not just in the title or subject field. Teams will achieve new
levels of productivity

* Trend reporting: With Zephyr's new, first of its kind dynamic trend
reports, teams now have the ability to look back at stages of former
projects and quantify how long it took to complete the release. With
this information in hand, the same teams will now able to plan
accordingly for not only current releases, but also for future

* Enhanced JIRA integration: Zephyr enhances its one of a kind 2-way
JIRA integration by supporting JIRA custom fields. Teams have always
been able to enter, search, change, report, analyze and close any
defect in JIRA from within Zephyr through optimized testing desktops.
With the new release, teams who have customized or plan to customize
JIRA will also be able to leverage the robust functionality and
achieve higher productivity and efficiencies.

We’d love to hear your opinion about Zephyr v3.0 and will be glad to
share more information with you. Online help is available at

Best Regards