From: Stefan Alkman, Kontract - Sweden on

I have the same problem with the same internal error in a complete new E2k7
environment (with a new single forest W2k8 AD structure).

My configuration is
1 SCC Cluster for mailboxes

All running e2k7 sp1 and rollup 3 (the same problem did exist with rollup 2)
on W2k8 boxes.

Jamelia: Did you solve your problem?

With best regards
/ Stefan Alkman, Kontract

"Jamelia" wrote:

> My environement is as follow:
> One Exchange 2003 FE
> One Exchange 2003 Clustrered BE
> One HUB/CAS - with SP1 + Rollup 2
> One Clustered mailbox Server SCC - with SP1 + Rollup 2
> I am having som problemes with the "Offline Address Book"
> The System Public Folders (OAB) is replicating fine, but for some reason the
> new SCC cannnot update the "Offline Address Book". I have changed the
> Generation Server
> I have tured up the diagnostic logging to Export and now when I try to
> update the "Offline Address List" I get the following events in the
> Application Log.
> Event ID: 9109
> OALGen encountered an error ffffffff (internal ID 505068d) while generating
> address list '/o=SSNAME/cn=addrlists/cn=oabs/cn=Default Offline Address
> List'. Check other logged events to see if this is a serious error.
> - Default Offline Address List
> Event ID: 9334
> OALGen encountered error ffffffff while initializing the offline address
> list generation process. No offline address lists have been generated.
> Please check the event log for more information.
> - Default Offline Address List
> I have read this
> but I can not find any issues with the permissons.
> Any help will much appreciated!
> Regards
> Jamelia
From: ali.sayel on
Dear Freinds;

I have the same issue , i verified that permission is O.K. but when i
update the OAB it give me the same errors;
if any one solve this problem , i appreciate your help ,
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