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According to IIS5.0 Beginner's Guide it says:

ODBC Logging:
EventID 6 - The template file being accessed contains an endif tag without a
corresponding if tag.

I've already double-checked I can access my datasource. I even created both
Local & System ODBC DSNs. I can test force the log by restarting IIS and I
see in System Event Viewer the same errors. Did MS abandon ODBC logging?

"Andrew Wan" <andrew_wan1980(a)> wrote in message
> In my IIS5 I changed logging to ODBC logging. ODBC logging option is only
> available if IIS5 is installed on a Windows 2000 Server.
> Then I get this error in Event Log:
> Event Type: Error
> Event Source: IISLOG
> Event Category: None
> Event ID: 6
> Date: 26/02/2007
> Time: 17:33:31
> User: N/A
> Computer: ME
> Description:
> IIS ODBC Logging failed to log data to data source IISLOG.
> For additional information specific to this message please visit the
> Microsoft Online Support site located at: