From: "Mark C. Miller" on
On Mon, 08 Feb 2010 17:02:04 -0800, NoOp wrote:

> On 02/08/2010 04:09 PM, Drew Jensen wrote:
>> just passing this along - I'd say from everything I'm reading that this
>> is all still way high up in the air...but here is the scuttle-but of
>> the day
>> Drew
> Don't rely on scuttle-but, instead just follow along and/or comment at:
> <

no scuttle-butt; nothing to follow. It's a done deal. Ubuntu UNR will
drop OOo with version 10.04. It's been posted for awhile; I posed the
article as it appeared on /. late last week here and
comp.openoffice.questions. Don't have the actual article in front of
me. Power users will just get OOo from Synaptic. I worry about first-
time Ubuntu users (which is one of the target audiences for Netbooks it
seems); will they even know OOo exists? I fear out userbase will take a
hit based on this decision. How big will be interesting to try and
gauge. Check out the article at <

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