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purohitatul(a) wrote:
> On Aug 29, 11:25 pm, sybra...(a) wrote:
>> On Thu, 30 Aug 2007 05:55:19 -0000, purohita...(a) wrote:
>>> We getting the following error in our database:
>>> ORA-04031: unable to allocate 2097152 bytes of shared memory ("shared
>>> pool","unknown object","hash-join subh","QERHJ Hash Table Entries")"
>>> We have already tried the following:
>>> 1. Flushing shared pool
>>> 2. Bouncing db
>>> Bouncing does resolve the problem temporarily but then it comes back
>>> again?
>>> Size of the shared pool has been same throughtout but problem has
>>> started to appear recently.
>>> Any clues anyone?
>> Posts without version should be avoided.
>> You are using bind variables?
>> --
>> Sybrand Bakker
>> Senior Oracle DBA
> Sorry...missed putting the version..its
> Also, we have recently implemented shared server configuration.
> I was't a part of the implementation but are there any parameters that
> can to be looked to verify that alls configured correctly and memory
> allocation is proper.
> On bind variables, we don't really have a buzy system this one, its
> have very few user and running mostly stand alone queries.
> Thanks for your inputs,
> Atul

when you configured your shared servers, did you adequately size the
Large Pool at the same time?



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