From: chris on
This is slightly on-topic as it includes discussion of OSS.

I've just come back from our school's parent council meeting (a bit like
a school board meeting) and turns out our local council are trying to
'persuade' schools to update their website using their 'preferred option'.

The preferred option is Adobe Contribute(!). I have real concerns that
we are being sold an over-priced lemon, where a fairly straight-forward
CMS would suffice e.g. drupal or joomla. The thing that scared me most
was a yearly, per seat, licencing cost for basic editing rights to an
effing website.

I'm not even sure Contribute will do the most basic of stuff that people
expect from websites like tagging, comments, social bookmarking, blogs, etc.

However, my hands-on experience of this kind of stuff is very limited.
Does anyone have a source I could refer to or even better a contact that
would be able to guide me through the pros and cons of Adobe Contribute
over a proper OSS 'solution'.

I would really, really appreciate any concrete leads. If you prefer to
contact me off-list the email is valid, but not one I usually check. I
will be checking over the next few days, though, so go ahead and use it.
Many thanks.