From: S Barret on
We use Outlook 2003 with Exchange 2003.

Secretary has owner access to another users drafts folder. She creates
emails and saves them to the drafts folder.

The other person opens the emails and may change some of the text, she hits
send and get an error "you do not have sufficient permissions to send this,
contact system admin"

The error is random. Maybe once a week. I have tried to recreate it but have
not succeeded.
9 out of 10m emails will send fine,
Has anyone seen this before.

From: S Barret on

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Hi Robert

I was at the PC yesterday when it happened again. The from field was
visiable and empty. I put in the person name who was sending the email not
the secretary. The error appeared straightaway.
I closed the email and reopend, same error on sending.
I closed Outlook and reopend and the email sent fine.
Both users have full right to each others mailboxes.