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Werner Schneider;64252 Wrote:
> Hello! Since some days I got a strange behavior when trying to switch
> my
> Windows XP in Standby-Mode: Outlook is presenting a Messagebox saying,
> that
> winows cannot be switched into standby because there is a
> network-access on
> Microsoft Office Documents or Applicationcomponents.
> Well, but I have no other PCs in my small home-network switched-on. I
> restartet my PC with all other PCs turned off, but the message still
> appears.
> Any idea what can really causing that problem?

Hey Werner,
Ever get a solution to this? The last couple of weeks, our computer
running Outlook 2000 has developed this problem. Nothing but frustration
trying to get it to go into standby, but short of logging off, a
workaround is to shut down the Outlook.exe process and then it will go
into standby. Not very elegant, but it saves logging off and on with no
apparent problems.
Anyone have a real solution?

Gord L

Gord L