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There can be a wide variety of reasons causing Outlook 2007 to crash.
Some of them are listed below:

* Outdated Outlook installation
* Add-ins or extensions issues
* Problematic Outlook profile
* Corrupted Outlook installation
* Damaged Outlook data file (PST)
* Damaged Windows profile
* System specific problems


To fix Outlook 2007 crashing issues, you should consider these

* You need to ensure if the crash occurs when you perform a
particular task, for example while opening a particular email message or
meeting on calendar. If this is the case, you can perform steps like
deleting the specific item or doing a similar task as per the cause.
* You can try updating Outlook installation with the latest
cumulative updates available
* Microsoft Outlook provides different command-line switches
that allow you to start Outlook after cleaning few application settings.
Based on the specific problem in existence, you can use these switches
to troubleshoot. For example, if crash occurs when reminders are fired,
you can use / cleanreminders switch to clean and regenerate them.
Whereas, if issue is related to invalid profile keys, you can use
/cleanprofile switch.

Outlook installation might be damaged. So, you can try
reinstalling Microsoft Outlook 2007.
* Starting Outlook using /safe mode allows you to start it
without loading many of the customizations, Exchange Client Extensions,
reading pane, customized toolbars, and COM add-ins, Form regions, macros
etc. So, you can use it to start Outlook. If you find that Outlook
doesn�t crash when you start it in /safe mode, you need to check the
list of disabled items to see if any of them relate to the type of kind
of crash you suffer. If this is the case, you can disable, remove or
rename the item, as per the case.
* To check if the issue is Outlook profile specific, you can create
a test profile containing no email accounts. Since it doesn�t have any
email account, it will not send and receive any email messages. You can
try adding the existing PST file to see if PST is not damaged. It will
create a PIM profile. If it doesn�t crashes, you should continue working
with this new profile.
* You can try to test the new Outlook profile with your email
accounts as all the times, Outlook profile might not be the issue.
* If Outlook crashes after adding PST, the file might be damaged.
Thus, you need to repair it using Inbox Repair Tool or alternatively by
using commercial PST Repair tools.

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