From: Hammar2007 on
Hi. To control the size of my Outlook mailbox, I often save attachments
elsewhere and then delete them from the email.

I don't remember having had this problem before, but in any case I am now
finding that I cannot delete photos or documents that were inserted into,
rather than attached to, messages.

Can anyone tell me how to do delete them?

Thank you.
From: Brian Tillman [MVP-Outlook] on
"Hammar2007" <Hammar2007(a)> wrote in message

> BTW, I signed up to receive a notice if there was a response but didn't get
> one. If I hadn't double-checked, I might never have known you answered,
> which
> would have been a real waste.

The web interface doesn't work well. Using a newsreader is a better
Brian Tillman [MVP-Outlook]