From: Got It! Got on
Go into Outlook. When it doesn't recognize your hotmail account, choose to
set up manually. It will then give you the option to select the Outlook
Connector. Voila!

"Brenda" wrote:

> I fixed my Hotmail with Outlook Connector, then went to my sister's house to
> fix hers. She just bought Outlook 2007 (standalone, not as part of Office)
> and had her Hotmail account set up using http until the September 1, 2009 DAV
> migration.
> She downloaded the Outlook Connector, but she does not get a setup prompt to
> set up her hotmail account, even after closing and reopening Outlook several
> times.
> We called support for MS Outlook and tried uninstalling Word 2003 and Excel
> 2003 as we were instructed to do, but none of that helped.
> Outlook was closed when she attempted to install Outlook Connector. She
> followed the instructions to download and install it, and then Outlook
> automatically opened. There was no prompt to configure the Outlook Connector.
> There is no "Outlook Connector" on the menu at the top of Outlook. I had her
> close and open Outlook several times. It did not magically appear.
> I had her check Control Panel/Add Remove Programs, and Outlook Connector is
> listed there, but it does not appear to "really" be installed.
> She has Outlook 2007 SP2 and all updates since.
> We tried uninstalling Outlook Connector, rebooting, and then reinstalling it
> with Norton Anti-Virus and Firewall disabled and with the Windows Firewall
> on. We still did not get a prompt to set up the Outlook Connector and Outlook
> Connector is still not on the menu.
> If we look at the COM Add-Ins, we find that " . . .
> system\msmapi\1033\msncon32.dll" is not loaded. A runtime error occurred
> during the loading of the COM add-in.
> My sister is angry and almost ready to return MS Outlook for a refund.
> Can someone please tell me what to do to get Outlook Connector working in
> Outlook 2007 so my sister can use it to send and receive her Hotmail?