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Call the guys on the link below. I had a similar problem with my Outlook 2007 inbox and needed Outlook pst file repair service. They offer a no fix no fee service and actually recovered my emails, repaired my corrupted pst file and remounted it. You can call the number posted on their website and speak to a technical person on the line immediately! They offer a no fix no fee service so you've nothing lose.

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ms.scuba wrote:

Outlook 2007: broken scanpst.exe, missing appdata, missing .pst fi

Help please! Outlook 2007 recently stopped working and I have been unable to
fix it. I get the message to run the inbox repair tool but cannot get that to

I finally found the scanpst.exe file but it and the scanost.exe files show
broken icons. I cannot find the .pst files anywhere. When I look in the place
where they are supposed to be the appdata folder is not present.

I just uninstalled the entire Office 2007 program and reinstalled but all
the same problems remain. Running on Vista OS.

Everything had been fine and then "poof" it was all gone.


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