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"hfd" <dan.westphal(a)> wrote in message

>I have an issue with my companies Public Folders on Outlook. First
> off we cannot afford Sharepoint at this time so don't tell me to buy
> it.
> We have about 100 public folders, all of them have different users and
> different attributes. There was a lady who helped develope all the
> folders who worked for us for 10 years. She has since retired and
> left. Some folders have her as the admin still. I want to be able
> to go in and change the properties of the folders and set up
> diffferent users permissions. When I click on summary it's grayed
> out. Do you know of a way to either add my user as an admin to all
> folders, or go into each folder and change the permissions if I didn't
> create it.

This sounds more like an Exchange question to me. Try asking in
Brian Tillman [MVP-Outlook]