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Are Outlook 2007 Rules case sensitive?

Can you help me to know all the Outlook 2007 Rule that are case sensitive?

Thanks in advance..

Ashwin LK
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Ashwin;144715 Wrote:
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> Are Outlook 2007 Rules case sensitive?
> Ashwin LK

I can tell you of at least one Outlook 2007 rule condition that IS NOT
case-sensitive: "sender is in [specified] Address Book".

As is my habit, I entered a particular contact's email address in lower
case (call the contact "My Name" and the address "mname(a)") and
saved that contact in a named address book (call it "ABC"). I've also
created a rule that acts on all messages from contacts in the address
book "ABC", moving them to a folder "ABC".

I noticed today that a message from My Name was shown in the message
header as sent from "MNAME(a)". Regardless, the rule worked as per