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Where is "Start" in Win7?

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> > My computer is a Dell XPS with Office professional 2007 - includes Outlook
> > 2007. operting system Windows 7 - 64 bit.
> > After I returned from a trip, I opened Outlook and had about 200 messages,
> > most of which I deleted. When I closed Outlook it appeared to crash my
> > computer - blue screen and then shut down. When I restared my computer and
> > tried to open Outlook I got the message "cannot start Microsoft Office
> > Outlook. Cannot open Outlook Window.
> > I have no idea what happened - it has not been a problem before - I have not
> > put in add-ins.
> > Would a registry fix program actually work - I hesitate to buy one if it
> > does not correct the problem. Iwill check my web mail as I can't open
> > outlook
> > mail
> > I would really appreciate your Help
> Click Start. In the space at the bottom, enter
> outlook.exe /resetnavpane
> (be sure to include the space), press Enter.
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guymaine wrote:

> Where is "Start" in Win7?

You have never used a version of Windows before version 7? If Windows 7
is your very first experience with Windows then suggested reading by
newbies would include:

It might be available at your local public library.

If you hover over the circled multi-colored flag button at the lower
left corner of the screen (at the left end of the Windows taskbar), what
does the balloon say?

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