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I'm using Outlook 2007 with Windows XP.
I archived my 2009 email and then compacted my PST file. Shortly thereafter,
I had a corrupted Calendar (not sure if there was any correlation). I
initially restored a backup PST file get the Calendar back. It happened
again spontaneously with Outlook open. This time I did an In-Box Repair which
restored the Calendar.

However, previous Calendar and Task reminders no longer show up in
Reminders. And, they no longer show on the To-Do Bar.
On the "My Tasks" Navigation Pane, there are Tasks (containing all of my
tasks) and To-Do List (containing only 5 items). Only the To-Do List items
show up on the To-Do Bar.

I've verified the Personal Folders file. The Default file is the same as
the one to which email is downloaded.
I've run the /cleanreminders and /reset folders commands with no change.
I would very much appreciate any insights/advice.