From: Steven Rostedt on
[Re-sending since my first try was missing a '>' from Frederic's
email address, and it screwed up quilt mail ]

The __print_symbolic() macro is used by TRACE_EVENT TP_printk to convert
numbers into symbols. But if those numbers are defined as ENUMS, it works
fine for ftrace trace output, but a parser reading the binary trace
will not know how to translate the enum into a number.

The first patch creates a EXTRACT_TRACE_SYMBOL(sym) macro that
a <events>.h file can add to extract out all the enums that it uses
in TRACE_EVENTs. These symbols will then appear in the event_symbols
file in the events/ directory.

The second patch converts softirq symbols in include/trace/events/irq.h

This is an RFC patch set. I want to get your feedback before I push
this out of my git repo.


-- Steve

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