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Topcliff is a chip that has many peripherals.
The chip has UART, I2C, SPI, IEEE1588, CAN, Packet HUB, SATA, USB host, USB
device, SDIO, Gigabit Ethernet, GPIO and DMA.

I developed the device drivers for Linux.

Please refer to our WEB site in
"All Files" -> "Downloads" -> "Beta2"

Following drivers are available now.

[Device name} [File name]
Common patch common_patch.tar.bz2
CAN can.tar.bz2
DMA dma.tar.bz2
GbE gbe.tar.bz2
GPIO gpio.tar.bz2
I2C i2c.tar.bz2
IEEE1588 ieee1588.tar.bz2
Packet HUB pcieqos.tar.bz2
SPI spi.tar.bz2
UART uart.tar.bz2
USB Device usbdev.tar.bz2

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