From: Beverly Howard on
My Fuji T4215 is has been reporting missing "Other PCI Bridge Device"
drivers and fails to find them locally or automatic searching and I
cannot find anything on web searches as well.


Fujitsu tech support has not been helpful either.

At about the same time, got the same error and inability to install or
find drivers for the PCMCIA\O2MICRO-SMARTCARDBUS_READER-2E10\1 and,
while I located drivers for this on the fujitsu site, the install of
them failed as well.

I have never had a smartcard inserted in this computer, although I have
used the pcmcia slot for CF cards and charging a mogomouse.

Any pointers to finding the above drivers or other details on this
problem would be appreciated.

fwiw, the tablet seems to be functioning adequately even with these errors.

Beverly Howard