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I was also looking for the same . found your query but with no solution.

I registered to post the following link.

'Downloads - Support - Fujitsu'

you can download DeskUpdate: Automatic driver update,

or else you can download manually each driver.

DeskUpdate is a software which automatically installs the required


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_Many_ Thanks!

Beverly Howard

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I downloaded and ran the Deskupdate and it identified 16 files to be

However, when I selected "Install Updates" it connected, then stalled
and no updates were installed after 5-10 minutes.

What was your experience with this?

Plan to go in and select the specific ones later to see if the problem
is with a single update.

Beverly Howard
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Update... Fuji's Deskupdate seems to be a solution for Fuji laptops, but
it's not an easy or elegant solution.

I _think_ it addressed my two primary problems after I unchecked
everything, then individually selected each one I thought I needed and
ran those installs.

It failed to download anything when I clicked the update with the
complete update scan result list.

It crashed every time the program finished, in this case, every time
each update was installed.

At least two of the updates failed to install.

I still have over half of the updates it found to run, but that will
have to wait for another day.

Again, it DID help with a serious problem! THANKS!

Beverly Howard