From: "Jim MacDiarmid" on
Hi everyone,

My apologies for the ad in this mailing list but I'm trying to use all my
resources in my job hunt. I wanted to reach out to you all and see what the
job market was like for PHP Developers in Virginia/Washington DC area. I
have been working with computers for over 20 years and have been in
developing software and web applications both in Classic ASP/VB6, and PHP
for roughly 11 years. A have also developed some modifications for the
vBulletin forum software. If any of you are vBulletin forum admins you may
be familiar with the mod that sends email reminders to inactive members.
That is the one I've recently been working on. Here is the link as a

Please feel free to contact me off-line with questions, info on job leads,
or resume requests. Thank you so much and have a great day!