From: KenP on
Can you provide a link to the SQLServer program to install? I'm having same
problem w/SQLDumper and reinstaller SQL Server 5 fm Microsoft web site and
nothing changed. Mine started when I removed Contact Manager and while I did
not pay any attention to it, the uninstall included SQLDumper as an option
and I took the default option instead of unchecking SQLDumper. After
uninstallint Contact Manager and rebooting the SQLDumper message came up.
Doesn't appear to be causing any problem, more of a nuisance I'd like to get
to go away.

"Rey Santos" wrote:

> SQLDumper is used to collect stack information and debug information in case
> SQL Server crashes. The dump that is created out of this is normally send to
> Microsoft and is used by the development team to debug problems (not that you
> can elect not to send this information to Microsoft).
> The error above means that likely your SQL Server installation is corrupt,
> so I would suggest that you reinstall SQLServer.
> Using Control Panel, select [Add or Remove Programs], then select the
> [Microsoft SQL Server] program and click on the remove button.
> --
> Rey
> "LEB" wrote:
> > Issue: "SQLDUMPER library failed initialization. You installation is either
> > corrupt or has been tampered with. Please uninstall then re-run setup to
> > correct this problem"
> >
> > Suggestion performed twice: "command/Enter/"sfc /scannow" (including space
> > after sfc). It may ask for you to insert your Windows cd in a drive. "
> >
> > I choose "skip" when it prompts me for the Windows XP Professional 2002 CD,
> > because I don't have it; however, the system continues with the scan, ending
> > with an error message indicating that it needs the CD so I'm unable to get
> > rid of the error. Is there an alternative suggestion in removing the
> > SQLDUMPER error message without having to use the CD or do i have to go out
> > and purchase another CD? Please help?
> > Thank you