From: Lone HPUser on
Hello folks. I need help with instlaling this program for Polynomial
Regression on my calculator. I have the file in the SD card. I
transfter the file over. PREGR does not have an extension, its just
text. It has the << simbol at the begining and >>. What am I missing?
Do I need to convert the file? Do I need to manually type it in RPN
mode? I would normally try all of the above but I have been struggling
just to keep up with my Algebra classes and I don't have a lot of time
available for research. If I could have a simple step by step process
I could follow It would be of great help. Thanks!
From: John H Meyers on
Replying to post of 2/17/2010 10:11 PM

Copy the _binary_ file to your SD card.

The _binary_ file is named PREGR in this zip:

Then copy that file from the SD card to your HOME directory.

An investment of a little time in how to use the calculator
might well yield high dividends. It has, for example,
already cost you valuable time (and delay in use)
to have to post this and wait, which you could have saved
if you had already learned more.

It is also worth the investment of a little more time
to supply more details in what you post, e.g. where exactly
did you get some file that you copied to your SD card, etc,
just in case everyone else does not have telepathic powers :)

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