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On Tue, 24 Nov 2009 05:38:26 +0100, Luka Djigas
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>What would be a good introductory text on the subject of parallel
>computing currect capabilities of fortran, for someone who has no
>knowledge of the matter?
>It would be nice if it had some simple examples which could be
>demonstated on today's home computers (multi processor, or multi core)
>(meaning, not purely theoretical).
>Doesn't have to be a book, a scripta or anything would do just as
>well. I searched google a little, but it's hard to search for
>something when you don't know what you're looking for.
>pp, Luka


Just wanted to thanks everyone for their suggestions and

@Colin Watters - yes, I saw the one you mentioned. Actually, that was
the text I read (up to a point) before asking the question. It is a
good article, but some things weren't clear to me, therefore the
question for an introductory text.
Not to be taken wrong, however, it looks like a good article. It's
just that my confusion is at a higher level these days then usually.

I should mention that Wikipedia has a few suprisingly quality articles
on the subject of APIs.

@Saman Abbas - I don't have any problem in mind currently. I'm
literally just getting to know the fundamentals (and the acronyms

@rudra - thanks for the titles. I'll see if our local library has
them, or is maybe willing to order them (filling forms; oh, joy :)

pp, Luka