From: jockness on
I have a strange one here that I don't think is duable but want to throw it
open to the masses to see if there is a way of doing this.

The issue is that I have a user that for the past few months has been
copying data out of an excel workbook into Outlook. When the data is copied
the user states that she has the option to change the formatting of the copy
via a paste option box that appear on the screen. I know this works in Rich
Text and using word as an editior but under HTML it does not work. I am
reasonably postive that this option is not availalbe in HTML format and have
adivsed the user of this. Though as users can be, she is very sure that this
option was available in HTML. I have searched everywhere for a possible
solutuion and all I can come up with is either using Rich Text or word. Does
anyone out there know if this option is available in HTML.