From: Tara on
You've both given me some great ideas here. Both would accomplish what I
want. It just depends on which direction I want to go.

Jeff, I've actually done what you suggested before. Why that idea didn't
come to me when I was designing this, I don't know...

Fred, I think your idea is what I was originally trying to accomplish here.
I didn't realize that by making the form invisible it waould then resume to
the code...I'm off to add that piece in now and see what happens.

Thanks so much to both of you!

"Tara" wrote:

> I need to find a way that users can click on a button to begin running a
> report, have a form pop up that allows them to set criteria for whatever
> report they chose, and then continue to that report. I have all the pieces
> in place including the form that pops up (frmCriteria) and pauses the code so
> the user can set the criteria. The problem I'm having is that the reports
> each require frmCriteria be open in order to determine which RecordSet to
> use. Because frmCriteria is opened as Dialog, it must be closed in order to
> resume the code. So, I can suspend the code, but I can't start it again (by
> closing frmCriteria) because then the report doesn't get the correct
> RecordSet.
> Any ideas as to how to overcome this?