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There is DEFINITELY A PEN IN THE CX2620 stylii. I just replaced mine
with a AAAA battery. The old one (which is a AAAA size, you can find
these inside 9-volt batteries) had acid buildup on its positive end and
that is why the pen went inactive. There is a lot of debate over this
pen problem and I guarantee 90% of the time it's related to the battery.
I can do a clean replace on anybody's CX2620 pen/stylii with a fresh
battery for $10. If interested email me at kevintemanAThotmailDOTcom or
reply to this message. You pay for shipping, your total about $17 or so.
I have never done this before but I just replaced mine flawlessly so I
can do others. I know there are a lot of dead stylii out there and
people don't know what to do, took me a while to figure it out.

Kevin Teman

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