From: Peter Makholm on
ccc31807 <cartercc(a)> writes:

> That got me to wondering. How much of Perl usage is bottom up, rather
> than top down? The large businesses in my area pick a technology
> (.NET, Java, C++, Struts, Rails, etc.) and require everyone to use
> that technology. The people locally that I know who use Perl use it
> for individual projects, without official approval or even knowledge.

I have an idea that most Perl programmers says

- Chose the right tool for the job, which happens to be Perl.

Where some other language advocates says

- Chose Java, which happens to be the right tool for the job.

For a given project the difference isn't clear. Both the Perl
programmer and the Java programmer will chose his previously prefered
language. But in the long term I think that the difference is that
advocates of these other languages is more likeliy to push for their
language to become company wide standard.

But then again - all generalizations suck.