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Thanks Herbert,

I'm using Excel 2003, so not sure if its not converting properly - it looks
like you've got it to the same place I do, but I need the Budget and
Difference to disappear at the employee level so it just shows the totals for
those columns. The only column that should have the detail is the 'WTE'

I figured out a bit of a cheating way to do it - I've formatted the column
to show text in white so you can't see it, then use the 'select'/enable
selection to select the totals only and format those with black text so they
show up. But it messes up being able to do 'Traffic Light Formatting' on the
'Diff' column.

Many thanks for your help,


"Herbert Seidenberg" wrote:

> Excel 2007 PivotTable
> Distribute budget.
> .
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