From: Ed on
I have 2 tables, Claims and Transactions. They have a 1 to many
relationship, 1 claim can have many transactions. The issue I am having is
that we are working backwards. Instead of inputting a claim and linking the
transactions to the claim, I am receiving a data feed of the transactions and
need to populate the claim table. I have PK ClaimNumber in my claim table
and have the same field within the transaction table.

I am thinking I would need a Find Dups query to get the unique claim numbers
from the transaction table and then append to claim table. Getting multiple
feeds a day, I am not sure how I would go about this properly to prevent
duplicating or missing claims.

Any info is greatly appreciated.

From: "Charles Wang [MSFT]" on
Hi Ed,
You may consider two ways to implement this:
1. Use AutoNumber data type for your PK columns.
You may refer to:
2. First use LOCK in your application for read the maximum PK value and
release the lock after your transaction completes.

Best regards,
Charles Wang