From: Giampaolo Rodola' on
I've started the (hard) process of porting pyftpdlib [1] to Python 3.
In order to do that I'm working on a separate SVN branch and I plan to
maintain two different releases of my software, one for 2.x and
another one for 3.x.

My doubts are about the naming convention I have to use for the
tarball and how it affects the integration with distutils and
So far I've always used the following naming convention:


This way I'm able to download and "easy install" pyftpdlib by just

> easy_install pyftpdlib

....which retrieves the last pyftpdlib version (0.5.2, at the moment)
from PYPI and installs it.

Now that I'm going to have two major releases (pyftpdlib-0.5.2 for
Python 2.x and pyftpdlib-0.5.2 for Python 3.x) how am I supposed to
deal with that?
Do I have to use a different name like "pyftpdlib-0.5.2-py3k.tar.gz"
or "pyftpdlib-py3k-0.5.2.tar.gz"?
How this affects the interaction with easy install?

And again: in case it is possible to keep the same tarball name for
both versions what am I gonna do with PYPI? Is it possible to host two
programs with the same name on PYPI and just differentiate the
description (e.g. "pyftpdlib version for python 2.x" / "pyftpdlib
version for python 3.x")

Thanks in advance