From: Noel Jones on
On 4/16/2010 8:59 AM, Bernd Nies wrote:
> Hi,
> Is it possible to rewrite an email address that contains invalid characters?
> Example: Rewrite ":user(a)" to "user(a)" -- stripping
> of the leading ":" (colon).
> I read through the Postfix Address Rewriting README [1] but did not
> find a hint. Source routing looks close but that's not it. Using
> header_checks [2] with REDIRECT is also not very useful because I have
> to create such an entry for every possible email address.
> Background info: We're currently having a problem with Zimbra
> Collaboration suite 6.0.5 and Thunderbird Lightning 1.0b1. Calendar
> invitations from a customer contain an empty CN= field in the
> organizer and attendee fields as follows:
> ORGANIZER;CN=:MAILTO:organizer(a)
> The bug is, that when accepting/declining the calender, the email
> parsing is wrong and wants to send an email to
> :organizer(a) (yes, with the leading colon). This email
> address is rejected on the customer's email server. I thought about
> using Postfix on our outbound SMTP gateway for stripping off the
> leading ":" from the destination address.

The correct solution is to fix the broken sending software, or
find a configuration that doesn't send invalid data.

You can fix this in postfix with smtp_generic_maps. This
requires postfix 2.7 or newer.

Your regexp map would look something like:
/^:(.*)$/ $1

Caution: no telling what else this might break.