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Hi Cadustin
Have a look at your form, this is the link;
Your formula was good, just one parentheses at the wrong place.
Post back if you need more help
"cadustin" <cadustin(a)> wrote in message
> Thank you John, I was able to post with the URL to my document.
> If you would like to help,
> [URL= Premiums for
> leaves.xls]Insurance Premiums for leaves.xls[/URL]
> I am trying to get excel to put in the amount matching the 3 different
> criterias I have set up. My look up information is on Page 2 and my document
> is Page 1.
> I want excel to look at F2 and depending on what that says, look at my other
> two criterias and give me the corresponding amounts.
> "John" wrote:
>> Hi
>> You upload your file to a site like this one
>> or this one . They are
>> free.
>> then you post the URL here so people can download your file.
>> HTH
>> John
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>> news:134E048A-1067-403F-B092-1D23218B05DE(a)
>> > How can I post the workbook I am in so someone can help me with IF, INDEX
>> > and
>> > MATCH combination formula?
>> .