From: Rod Pemberton on
"Frank Kotler" <fbkotler(a)> wrote in message
> We've never done that. If your post were rejected "for cause", you would
> supposedly get a mail with the reason. The only time this has happened
> to me, Rod was "arguing with the moderators".

Ah, on to polite, useful comments...

To Frank:

A decent way to confirm that posts are being propagated is to check to see
if Google Groups and have picked them up.

To Harold:

Frank and I have been posting using So, once Frank's posts
reliably make it to clax, you should be able to post reliably via aioe. is one of the better, if not the best, free (text only) service.
aioe allows you to post and posts to make it to Google and seem to
propragate widely. (Free for newservers usually means read only, text
only, and no posting.)

To Nathan:

I don't see much spam in ala on the newservers where I read it. Try another