From: Eduardo on
Mike Williams escribi�:
> Having
> said that, and as I've said before on many occasions, I'm still not
> really happy with drawing what are effectively low resolution screen
> images to a printer, especially when those images contain screen
> resolution text or line drawings, and my own preferred solution is
> always to treat the screen (or a Form) and the Printer page as being two
> completely different things, used for two completely different purposes,
> and each of which needs to be drawn to in a way which suits that
> particular device. But that's just my own thing :-)

I totally agree.

> It is still
> possible to draw images transparently to such printers, but you need to
> do it in a slightly different way. Anyway, there's not much point in
> going into all that (unless somebody actually needs it?).

Not now.

Thanks for the explanation.