From: Tom Y on
I get the same errors 1. No Supported languages installed!
2. Unable to open resource files.when trying to run a built app under Linux.  Labview 8.2 under Ubuntu 6.10 Desktop.Which resource files do I need, where should I put them and what permissions should I give them?Is there a document somewhere that says how to deploy apps under Linux?  So far I know that I have to install the RTE rpm (and replace the file because the one on my system is a NVidia-hacked one).  There are a load of files in <labview>/AppLibs - do I have to put them somewhere on the target platform? Do I need other resource files?I've tried playing with the permissions on ~/Labview Data as suggested earlier in this thread, but it didn't fix the problem (surely the target PC might not even have this directory?)BTW, did anyone ever solve how to solve the thing without replacing the file in /usr/lib (and hence potentially breaking other apps)?Thanks very much,Tom Y.
From: Wild Bill on
I never received a response that helped correct this issue. I finally gave up and decided to write a TCP interface and have the users send messages to my program and I would TCP the data back to them.
I would be interested in a solution to this issue if someone has one.