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We have a server 2008R2 running Exchange 2010 (update rollup 3) and
several Mac Clients (10.6.3) with Entourage 2008 EWS Client. The
Accounts were migrated from an Exchange 2003 Server using german

It is not possible to share a calendar using Entourage EWS. The
error I receive is "Entourage cannot modify permissions on the
Exchange server. There was an error while attempting to modify
permissions on the server." or similar. Sharing the same calendar
with any version of outlook or owa is no problem.

If I use a fresh and newly created mailbox or a new created calender
in one of the migrated mailboxes, I can share without receiving that
error. Also I can share and set permissions using the "delegates"

Could it have to with the migrated mailboxes having their folders
named in german language but newly created have them in english?
(ie. Calendar / Kalender)

Hope someone can help.


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