From: Christian Reizlein on
I have a 2003 installation which only has one mailbox database and one
public folder database in the first storage group.
the issue im having is that i cannot mount the public folders db with
the error " The store could not be mounted because the active directory
information was not replicated yet you cant either... press cancel or
retry" and when I do a retry i got "The Microsoft exchange information
store service could not find the specified object." ID no: c1041722

I googled a lot about this issue which is supposed to be a permissions
issue but i had already reseted and verified all of them and i still
cannot mount it.

I created a new Public FDB, but when i got the the mailbox db to modify
the default public folder and click browse i get that the operation
failed because i don not have read permissions on the administrative
group containing the public folder tree, ID no c1034a9d

I had already checked all the perms, followed most of the kb, including
and Q316709

does anyone else knows what i can do to force the deletion of that
database (data is not important) and modify the current mailbox database
to use a new public folder tree?

The replicas issue is driving me crazy, since it looks like there is a
old dead exchange server that still has some info in the AD.