From: J on
Hello - we recently deployed MRM (Email Retention) ... basic settings are 60
days Inbox, 2 years "Managed Folders" ... items are moved to Deleted Items
and then 30 days later, they are purged from Deleted Items (allow recovery).
There's more, but doesn't matter for this discussion/question.

When this was deployed, we found many users had tons of data (GB's) moved
from Managed Folders to the Deleted Items folder (as expected, very old
msgs). All of our clients run in Cached Mode, so when the users came in the
first day after MRM implementation, it took hours and hours for their
cached/ost client to synchronize with the server. This also caused a big
impact to the network. The first day was the only big hit, all days since (7
days) have been fine ... it was really just that first run of MRM that got
all the very old msgs.

So, as mentioned above, Deleted Items folder is set to 30 days ... after 30
days, the items will be purged (allow recovery). My question is: since this
is a purge (not moving data within the ost/mailbox), would you think the
same, big network impact, would occur when user synchronizes cached/ost with
server after all this data is purged from the users mailbox?

My initial thought is "no" ... the server is deleting data, it doesn't need
to move alot of 5-10MB msgs from Managed Folders or Inbox to the Deleted
Items folder. It simply needs to sync the deletions from the Deleted Items

Would like your thoughts ... thank you.