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Awesome! The single quote suggestion worked.



"Mike Pfeiffer" wrote:

> PowerShell variables start with $ so it's seeing $admin as an empty variable.
> You can escape that by enclosing it in sing quotes.
> You can just type these into the PowerShell console to see what I mean:
> "_sa$admin" #returns _sa
> '_sa$admin' #returns _sa$admin
> "GoTrojans" wrote:
> > I was trying to add a service account via Powershell as a viewonlyadmin, and
> > powershell indicated the account didn't exist. The account name was _sa$admin
> > Powershell indicated that _sa didn't exist. But, I am able to add the same
> > _sa$admin account via the Exchange Management Console.
> >
> > Should I be OK to move forward with using _sa$admin via the Exchange
> > Management Console? Any potential gotcha's?
> >
> > Thanks