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BeeSodd wrote:

> From my original post:
> "At first I thought it might be bad RAM so I ran memtest86 for about
> 24 hours with no problems."
> So, I think I've ruled that out at this point. Again, I appreciate
> all the help, but this is all stuff that I've already tried or looked
> into and I'm still unsure of what to do next.
> Is there really no better way to narrow this down to a more specific
> issue? All I have now is that it MIGHT be a bad driver, but who knows
> which one?
> Should I mess with the Driver Verification tool? From what I've read
> it sounded a little risky but maybe that's just MS covering their
> a**es in case some inexperienced user breaks something while using it.

Sorry for not reading your OP more carefully. I really can't answer your
questions without looking at the machine. If you haven't changed
anything, hardware or software, then probably some hardware component
is failing. I'd strip it down to the very basic hardware including
swapping out the psu. For the software end, do clean-boot

A lot of doing this depends on the age of the machine and how much time
it is worth spending t-shooting it.

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