From: Ryan Connelly on
I am having a problem that a few people here have had.

Basically, There is an assertion failure at init.cpp at line 66.

class wxDummyConsoleApp : public wxAppConsole
wxDummyConsoleApp() { }

> virtual int OnRun() { wxFAIL_MSG( _T("unreachable code") ); return 0; }


This occurs I think because for some reason, the macro IMPLEMENT_APP is
not replaced in our app.cpp code. There is no app created and thus the
framework creates a dummy console application in it's place.

I have both DECLARE_APP and IMPLEMENT_APP macros and the app.cpp is
included in the project. It worked fine until I tried using the Debug
DLL wxWidget library. Previously, we had no trouble with static debug

Any help would be really appreciated. I know Vladim had a post a while
back about this. Does anyone have any ideas?

Environment: Visual Studio 2005 - Windows