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On Thu, 18 Mar 2010 01:29:37 +0100, "Helmut Meukel" <NoSpam(a)> wrote:

� I've read all postings and one question remains:
� With DAO and optimistic locking, what will happen
� if my Seek finds a match, I use .Edit, perform some
� things to collect all data, then use .Update and some
� other user has in the short time between .Edit and
� .Update deleted this record? Wouldn't I get
� No Current Record?

� I personally had never this problem, because in all
� systems I programmed the users _never_ deleted
� records. Old records - older than 4 years - get
� transferred to an archive database. When I last visited
� a customer and looked into their archive folder, there
� were archive dbs back to 1995. <g>

� Helmut.

Under optimistic locking, if you attempt to Update a row that does not exist you will get an error
message indicating that the record has been deleted.

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