From: Gordon MacPherson on
I think I am starting to understand a bit about this but am still
struggling. As I mentioned before I have created monitor and paper profiles
using ColorMunki.

I have set the ColorMunki monitor profile as the Windows default, which if
no other profile is associated with PSP, will be used. Thus if Color
Management is turned off, PSP will use the default program.

I also think that I need PSP to use the ColoMunki Epson R1800 profile that I
created for a particular paper, and this requires that Color Management is
turned on. I can select the Epson profile from the drop-down list.

My real problem is that when Color Management is turned on I cannot get PSP
to use the default monitor profile. It gave me three choices for monitor
profiles, none of which were the ColorMunki profile, even though this
profile is in the same folder as the others. I even copied this file to the
PSP profile folder. I also changed the monitor file location to the one
where the ColorMunki file was located, but still could not see it

I then thought that if I deleted the displayed profile files I would force
PSP to use the default. I could not however find one of the files which now
remains as the only choice. This profile is named "sRBG IEC61966-2.1" but
seraches do not show it anywhere.

Corel have not been helpful and suggest a paid-for phone call.

Any help most welcome