From: Bob Pownall on
This took me a while to figure out, so I figured I'd post the solution
so others could benefit, directly or via Google.

I couldn't get my Palm Tungsten|E2 to HotSync correctly. Whenever I
plugged in the HotSync cable, the HotSynce would start automatically,
whether or not I wanted it to or did anything to make it start. The
HotSync would only go a little into the process and would then freeze,
displaying a blinking line at the top of the screen. A soft boot was
needed to recover from this.

The HotSync log displayed the message: "HotSync session completed with
errors - Protocol Error: Unknown error. (6410)"

Turned out the root cause was a bad / damaged HotSync cable. I happen
to have three HotSync cables for my E2. The one I use by default (and
therefore the most) gave the problem. When I happened to try one of my
other HotSync cables, more or less by chance, the HotSync ran properly
and finished without error. Tried my third HotSync cable - same story.
The HotSync ran properly and finished without error.

Hope this proves useful to someone else.

Bob Pownall