From: Robin Becker on
Russ P. wrote:
> I just stumbled across "unladen swallow," a "faster implementation of
> Python." Is it ready for operational usage? How does it compare to
> Psyco? I poked around their website a bit, but I don't see answers to
> those questions. Thanks.

I've tried a few things with it. It mostly works, but it isn't actually faster
at normal programs. I've been told their target is for long running processes
where JIT and similar can speed up the inner loops etc etc. Certainly makes
sense for google apps in python so perhaps that's the intended end use.
Robin Becker
From: Jeremy Sanders on
Russ P. wrote:

> Would it make sense to compile Python in the 32-bit compatibility mode
> so I can use Psyco? What would I lose in that mode, if anything?
> Thanks.

You won't be able to access large amounts of memory in 32 bit mode. Also,
the x86-64 mode has more CPU registers than x86 mode, so Python will
typically run faster in 64 bit mode (this is more pronounced in AMD
processors, in my experience).

It will depend on your application whether 32 bit mode plus Psyco is faster
than 64 bit mode.


Jeremy Sanders