From: "Werner "Menneisyys" Ruotsalainen" on
I loved my Jornada 720 too - what a great machine! (I also have the 680.
Much slower...)

While absolutely noone develops for H/PC 2000 (the OS you're running on)
any more, there are some DLL hacks to make more current (!) apps and Web
browsers run on the device. Please see the dedicated "hacking" sections at
HPC Factor ( ), the most important H/PC site. That
is, you can run at least WM2003(SE) stuff on it (dunno about WM5+, though).

(Now the site seems to be out of oder. Hope it's a temporary problem only
an dit hasn't been discontinued.)

John Wolf <jwolf6589(a)> wrote in

> I used my Jornada 720 for the first time today in a while. I have a
> few apps on it that have been paid for and don't wish to spend the
> money to get them on the desktop. I wonder what I could do wit this
> since I am no longer a student? These days it seems as if
> BlackBerry's, iPhones, and other mobile phones have replaced devices
> like this. The main advantage to the Jornada is the clamshell keyboard
> which is more user friendly than a smart phones keyboard and was
> useful as a student. However most wanted access to websites and such
> that the built in Jornada browser could not access, so it was not as
> nice as a webbook.
> John