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Ludovic Brenta wrote:

> On Dec 21, 1:09 pm, Stephen Leake <stephen_le...(a)>
> wrote:
>> Stefan Soos <stefan.s...(a)> writes:

>> > As I read the wiki, did I understand it correctly that the guys at
>> > libre are developing gnat pro, this development is than
>> > incorporated into gnat gpl and gnat gpl becomes gnat gcc?
>> Roughly, yes. I suspect things flow in other directions as well.
> I'd like to correct that. AFAIU, GNAT Pro and GNAT GPL are from the
> same branch of development at AdaCore. They periodically merge this
> branch into GCC at the FSF, during Stage 1 only. GNAT Pro, GNAT GPL
> and GCC have independent release schedules. GNAT Pro and GNAT GPL are
> snapshots of the AdaCore branch (+ extra QA and bug fixing) at
> different times. GCC is a snapshot of the GCC release branch at the
> FSF. More details in the Debian Policy for Ada:
> --
> Ludovic Brenta.

Hi, very informative site, thanks.

Stefan Soos

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