From: fl on
I am new to Altera Eclipse for quartus subscription 9.1 version. I
want to learn NIOS programming. I go through the simpliest version on
'Getting Started' part in "Nios II Software Developer's Handbook".

I create a project step by step according to the handbook (I have no
NIOS II evaluation board at home). The project is created with 'Nios
II Application and BSP from Template' option. In the end, I get the
following message:

Unable to create project

Failed to execute: ./create-this-app --no-make
chmod: changing permissions of `.': Permission denied
chmod: changing permissions of `./create-this-app': Permission denied

That is, it cannot generate an exec object file. Although I look
through the handbook and Eclipse help, I still cannot know the reason.
The book says 'create-this-app' is copied from an example. Does it
mean computer automatically do that for me? Or, I copy that myself.
I just want a 'Hellp world' message printf output. Which 'create-this-
app' I should use?

For a first time user, how to deal with 'create-this-app' ? Thanks for
your help.